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CrossFit Branson Staff

Nathan King : CrossFit Branson Owner - Level Two Trainer:

I'm Nathan King, the Owner/Mayor of CrossFit Branson. I have my Crossfit Level One & Two Certifications, CrossFit Advanced Weightlifting Certification, CrossFit Powerlifting Certification, USAW Weightlifting Sports Performance Certification and I will personally train you and help you meet your fitness goals.

My hobbies include overland adventure travel, climbing, rappelling, picking heavy things up, and setting them back down with impeccable form.

Meagan Lane : CrossFit Level Two Trainer:

My name is Meagan Lane. I have my CrossFit Level 2 certification, my Olympic Lifting certification through USAW, and a personal trainer certification through ISSA.

I began working out and found Crossfit for the same reason a lot of people do, I wanted to lose weight. I was always a bigger girl and in college I gained more weight so my sophomore year I joined a "crossfit" program at my school. It was really just interval training, but I loved it and stuck with it. When I graduated I wanted to continue and improve and challenge myself more so I joined Crossfit Branson. I have felt nothing but constant encouragement since I stepped in the door. I, in turn, have always tried to encourage others and that encouragement has led to a real love of helping anyone, in any way, that I can.

Since my sophomore year of college I have lost about 55 pounds. But more importantly I have found out my body is capable of doing things I never thought possible. Along the way I have learned a lot about myself and while I am continually developing as an athlete and now a Coach I hope that I can help other people who walk into our gym learn that they are capable of so many amazing things that they never dreamed of.

Lisa Stephenson : CrossFit Level One Trainer:

I'm Lisa Stephenson (also known as "BeefCake"). I have my CrossFit Level One Trainer, CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics, and CrossFit Kids, Certifications. I started CrossFit in 2012 when my sweetheart invited me to join with him. To my surprise I immediately felt at home in the gym with the crossfit community. With their support I found my passion for leading a fitter lifestyle.

My goal as a trainer is to inspire and educate our community about the benefits of living a healthier life!

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