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Unleash Your Untapped Potential

Creating life-long habits to turn your wildest dreams into reality.

Stop Selling Yourself Short.

That’s right. I said it. If you’re not intentionally moving forward, you’re sliding backwards.

We all have secret desires or dreams that feel unattainable. But if you’ve surrendered your dreams as impossible, I’m calling bullshit, and here’s why.

Real life change is not out of reach. You’re only a few steps away from becoming the best version of yourself. Don’t stop just short of your greatest pride and accomplishment.

Moving without pain.
Hiking with your kids.
Losing weight and getting lean.
Bringing the heat in competition.
Feeling confident and proud in your body.

Quit letting fear limit you. Dream bigger. You have what it takes, and we’re going to get you there.

We pride ourselves in overcoming impossible odds. In unlocking potential you never saw in yourself. And when you don’t believe in yourself, we do.

No matter your skill level or experience, we’re ready to make this journey with you and do whatever it takes to see you conquer your barriers.

Stop waiting for the perfect moment. It’s now.

YOU control your destiny. Take the first step. You and your dreams are worth it.

Go To The Next Level Together?

Working out is always more fun when you’re in the company of others. Our workouts are designed with this idea in mind so we can help empower people and pass on knowledge about living a healthy lifestyle!

have a solid game plan?

Don’t let a lack of experience hold you back from achieving your fitness goals. Join CrossFit Branson and receive personalized coaching to help you succeed, no matter your skill level.

Get More Done In Less Time?

Ready to achieve your goals and get more out of life? Join us and receive expert coaching that will help you succeed. We’ll help you create a plan for success and provide the support you need to achieve your goals.

“Absolutely outstanding place! Coach Nathan and his awesome trainers put you and your goals as top priority. If you are looking for a friendly and supportive group to advocate and motivate you to be the best you can be, CrossFit Branson is the perfect place for you. I love that regardless of what stage of life you are in or what level of experience you have. Coach Nathan and the other coaches can modify the work to your skill set and keep you moving! I highly recommend CrossFit Branson and the kids programs they offer allows you and your whole family to be engaged!”

– Johnny Bodi

Watch Out – We’re Not Like The Rest

If you’ve ever been to a gym, you might’ve felt:

Unsure if you’re on the right track.
Like a failure.
Frustrated at not seeing results.

That’s not us.

THIS is what you get at CrossFit Branson:

A Coach Who…

  • Personally understands your journey.
  • Doesn’t let you slip by the wayside.
  • Stays aware of habits affecting your results.
  • Invests in you for the long haul.
  • Believes in you more than anyone.

A Customized Plan…

  • Tailor-made for your goals.
  • Designed to push you.
  • With safe, achievable, daily steps.
  • That gets you measurable results.
  • Continuously revised to stay on track.

A Community That…

  • Welcomes you no matter your situation.
  • Keeps you accountable.
  • Never gets tired of cheering you on.
  • Shares you victories and failures.
  • Quickly becomes the best part of your day.

“Nathan and the CrossFit Branson Team believe wholeheartedly in helping others be the best version of themselves. They care about their members. Each person who walks in their door is treated with kindness – and they want to help each person achieve what’s important to them. Check them out, they are worth it!”

– Rocky McDowell

Functional Fitness Programs We Offer



Our coach-led group fitness class is for everyone! We use a combination of cardio, bodyweight and weights to maximize your hour with us. The workouts are different every day with a huge emphasis on getting you started safely whatever your current age or ability.



Receive coaching and programming tailored to you and your needs. You determine when you workout and each session is individually tailored to your goals and fitness level. This is a great option for those who want a more private setting, a specific goal or for those who would like to begin here before joining group classes.

habit shifting

NUTRITION coaching

Stop dieting and restricting yourself and start focusing on healthy habits with a proven personalized plan. CrossFit Branson’s nutrition is founded in creating real change, education, and world-class coaching.



A bootcamp class is a challenging and fast-paced workout that typically involves bodyweight exercises, cardio drills, and strength training to build endurance, burn calories, and improve overall fitness.

Group Based


An age group 55+ fitness class is designed for seniors and focuses on low-impact exercises that improve mobility, balance, and strength, as well as reduce the risk of injury. It typically includes activities such as stretching, light cardio, and resistance training.

“Crossfit Branson might have been the best place I’ve ever dropped in to. Dropped in for a week and coach Nathan and staff made me feel welcome, coached me up like my home box would and made each day the best part of the Branson vacation. There were 2 coaches for each class helping long-time veterans and members who were there for just a few days. If you want a well programmed, well coached, welcoming and motivating place – look no further than here. I’ll be back!”

– Sarah Long

Who CrossFit Branson Is(n’t) For

Are you…

  • Ready to take back control of your life?
  • Tired of feeling dissatisfied when you look in the mirror?
  • Limited in your physical freedom?
  • Frustrated with your current state?
  • Living in constant pain and discomfort?
  • Tired of being out of breath?
  • Curious how far you can go?

    If you said “yes” to any of these points, quit procrastinating and do something about it. YOU control your destiny. If it feels unattainable, we’ve got your back, and we’ll get you there.

Warning: Do NOT join CrossFit Branson if you…

  • Couldn’t care less about bettering yourself.
  • Don’t want to see long-term life change.
  • Prefer to be coddled.
  • Enjoy a lonely, stiff, quiet gym.
  • Don’t want to enjoy your life more.
  • Like sliding backwards.

“This gym and the coaches there took me from 270 pounds, overweight and in pain, to 220 pounds and the best I’ve ever felt in my life. Still more work to do but I’ll be doing it here for sure.”

– Jake English

Ready To Take Back Control of Your Life?

Getting Started Is Easy!

When you sign up, we don’t throw you to the wolves. Here’s a sneak peek of what happens. You will…

1 - Go to a FREE consultation

We want to understand you – what you want out of life and what’s keeping you from it.

2 - Create a customized plan

Together we come up with a plan tailor-made to your goals.

3 - Go to class.

Time to get to work. Get dirty. Sweat.

4 - Meet regularly with your coach

to evaluate and track your progress. Stick with it!

5 - Overcome

You won’t be held back by past barriers anymore, imagine that! instead you’ll tackle them head on. We’ll be right there with you, cheering you on to victory.

6 - Become your best self

Once you see what you’re capable of (which we’ve known all along,) you won’t make the mistake of doubting yourself again.

“Upon my first visit at CrossFit Branson, Nathan sat with me 1:1 to discuss my workout history, goals, simple personal information, and gave me a rundown of what he thought best fit my needs. I completed 3 sessions with Sabrina before joining a class which made me feel very comfortable and confident. I have been impressed by many things about CrossFit Branson, but most by the gym’s mission and values. I’m so thankful that I took a leap and followed through by joining. I have found a new community to be a part of and be surrounded by those with similar goals to keep me motivated.”

– Jaki Falch

CrossFit Branson

Our Current Schedule

Thinking about giving us a try? View our weekly schedule below and click “get started” anywhere on this page to begin.

“I just recently moved here and felt extremely lost. CrossFit Branson has become like a second home for me. I have zero athletic background beyond some sports I dabbled in childhood/ teenage years. Nathan and his coaches are wonderful and knowledgeable. Everyone I’ve met here has been welcoming and friendly. The sense of community here is something else! Everyone is so supportive and encouraging. I’ve rediscovered potential in myself that I had forgotten I had. 10/10 would recommend CFB to anyone!!”

– Katrice Jepsen

Have Questions? We've got the answers right here!

Super simple! Just click get started anywhere here on the page to book your free consultation where you’ll get to speak to one of our experienced coaches and learn about what we have to offer you. 

We will chat about your current situation, your desired situation to see if we can help and if we are good fit for each other.

When you start at CrossFit Branson, your fitness level will improve quickly, usually in the first 30 days.

The key to see results is consistency and commitment over time so that’s why we recommend 3 classes per week as a start.

Yes! We provide guidance on eating right or sleeping well which can help maximize energy levels – getting YOU maximum results from your efforts.

Nope! Most of our members start just like you. We assess each new members fitness level.

Then our workouts are “universally scaled”, with a different version of each days workout designed for every level. As you level up you can take on more challenging variants of the workout if you desire.

We invest intentionally in each member’s life, walking you through each step of the journey. We don’t send you off to figure it out in the gym – we take you by the hand and get you where you’re wanting to go. Our coaching goes beyond class time. We work with you to transform your habits and give you the life you dream of.

If you’re a beginner and just starting out then 2-4 times per week will be enough to see results and allow you to adjust.

You’ll be sore some days, so allow yourself recovery days between training sessions at first – over the course of the following months work up towards 5 days per week if you want to maximize!

We offer an exciting, challenging and varied programming which will keep it fun! The workouts are published in advance

Some days are more strength focused where will focus on our lifts. Movements like barbell squats, kettlebell swings and occasionally some olympics lifts will be included.

Other days, we may focus more on cardio & conditioning with rowers and bikes. Some days are focused on body weight movements like pushups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. Some days are a mix of everything.

Each class is 60 minutes and led by qualified coaches. We always start together with a warm-up designed to activate the muscles being used in the workout.

The coach will brief on the group on the workout, the movements, and the proper form. During the workout, the coach will be guiding and providing instruction.

At the end of class, we will cool down together to accelerate recovery and reduce potential injury.

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